Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yearning- A Poem

I a bird in a cage.
It's a very lovely cage, but a cage nonetheless.
I look out, and see people
Who have what I will someday

I want those things
Here, now
I want what will be
To finally be

There's that whole spiel
About waiting and good things
I've waited a long

I look at those
Who no longer
Have to wait
And I wonder

Are you appreciative of
All you have?
Or do you take for granted
What you've been blessed with?


I am a bird
Trapped here in my cage
Continually watching the world
Through the bars of my prison

The cage is lovely
As is the view
But my space grows smaller
With each and every day

The world I see
Stretched before me
Has so much to offer
I yearn, for just the smallest bit of freedom

My wings beat hopelessly
As I try to leave
Though it is for naught
And I settle to the bottom, defeated

I yearn for that day
When the door to my confines
Swings open and allows me a way out

Still, I will cautiously approach
Afraid of a cruel trick
And a slamming door
Just as I begin to spread my wings

Just as I begin to fly

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