Thursday, December 23, 2010

Taking Things for Granted

Up until two weeks ago, I'd been guilty of taking my computer for granted. It was right there whenever I needed it; I could listen to music, chat with friends, and shop online, all in one place. I even occasionally became angry with my computer, blaming it for distracting me from homework and cleaning.
Then my computer died. I have been Facebook deprived for a long time and I haven't been able to talk to many of my friends. I thought I would solve the problem today by coming down to the library and get an hour's worth of Facebook and music. Turns out I was wrong.
You see, if you're musically inclined like me, if you haven't heard your favorite songs for two weeks and you think you'll finally be able to, you know the level of annoyance I feel at not being able to listen to just a few Mumford & Sons songs!
I've been begging my aunt to have someone come out and look at my crashed computer and she says she will, but God knows how long that will be.

I just want to hear some dang music!

Merry early Christmas everyone.


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