Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Bit of Time

So here it is: 2:06 am and I have time to write! But I'm not complaining because writing is writing, no matter where or when it occurs.

One thing that's been on my mind lately is how long I've lived in my current, well, abode. I moved to Arizona from Missouri three years ago the 11th, and that blows my mind away. If, when I was moving out here, someone would have told me exactly how my life would be right now, I would have laughed in their face.

Me, braces? A lavender room? Not possible.
But through God, all things are possible.

I suppose the biggest reason I am blown away with how many years I've been here is that this is-excluding my first three and 1/2 years of life-the longest time I have ever lived in one geographical area.
To show you what I mean, let me give you a list.

Birth-3&1/2: Grandma's house
3&1/2-5: 'B' Apartments
5-6: 'C' Apartments
6-8: Lake Viking
8-9: S&C's, 'C' Apartments
9: AZ (2 weeks)
9-11: 'C' Apartments
11: AZ (7 months)
11-13: A&R's, A&D's, 'L' Apartments, 'W' House
13-16: AZ, Aunt's, 'G' Apartments, 'F' Apartments, Aunt's

So in conclusion, I have moved a grand total of 17 times. The longest time I'd spent at one school was two years and eight months, and about halfway through my freshman year, it hit me.

I would graduate from the same high school I'd begun at.

I will never switch schools again, ever.
And that-to a girl who attended nine schools (five in one year alone)?

Is a wonderful feeling.

Until next time, all my love.

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