Saturday, June 5, 2010

What It's About

The Musician's Soul is a book by James Jordan based on the thought that if one desires 'the highest level of music making from your classes and ensembles, you must take the [spiritual] journey; you must walk the walk.'
Jordan's book has become the focal point from which I examine myself and all other material. As a person who will stand 'at the front of that group of persons', I need to fully understand myself and why I am on the path I have chosen. 'A person's commitment to life, his awareness of the world around him, and his understanding of the beauty of the world and his own life are the foundation of a musician's center.'
I wish to embody what Jordan states in his book, for it is my desire to bring to my future students the myriad of feelings music envokes and to develop the musician within them as much as possible so that they, too, can experince how wonderful life can be with music.
But my wish to embody what Jordan states is also because I want to know myself better. I want to know what in me is so drawn to music, why it has always been a major part of my life. Aside from God, my life centers around music and I don't know exactly how or when that came about, but I am hoping that the journey through "A Musician's Soul"-both the book and the blog-will help me to answer those questions and others that, for now, lay dormant inside me. The soul is the most crucial part of a human being. Without one, we would not exist, and it is my desire to fully understand what I cannot live without.


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